Kate Tomas is a spiritual empowerment mentor and psychic, who works with women and non-binary people to enhance the quality of their lives. She completed a doctorate in Philosophical Theology at Oxford University exploring the abjection of the mystic through Kristeva and Arendt. Her practice aims to disrupt mechanisms of capitalist patriarchy by encouraging clients to critically evaluate narratives of money that have shaped their financial lives. Her work builds upon esoteric traditions of magick, including various forms of energy work and readings.

For our MoneyLab#X Economythologies Scrapbook, Kate has offered us the chance to share extracts from her ‘Money Magick Manifeststion Toolkit’.

Excerpt from ‘Money Magick Manifeststion Toolkit’ by Kate Tomas. Video provided courtesy of the creator.
Extract from Kate Tomas’ instructions on setting up a money alter.
Extract from Kate’s Money Pomander Spell

Find out more about Kate’s work here: Professional website: https://drkatetomas.com/ `