Session 1: Decolonising Money

Decolonising Money: Colonial Impulses, Economic Autonomy and Systems Sovereignty Contemporary global financial networks are imbued with the logic of settler-colonialism. The imperial accumulation of wealth

Session 3: _Underscored Economics_

_Underscored Economics_: Trading Re-Authored Currencies The semiotics of the underscore allow it to break, connect and/or emphasise defined terms. A remnant of mechanical word processing,

Session 4: Homo Ecologicus

Homo Ecologicus: Money Between Economy and Ecology The image of Homo Economicus underpins the ubiquity of neo-classical economics, delineating the possibilities of exchange for humans conceived as

Session 5: Financial Charismatics

Financial Charismatics: Language, Memes and the Seduction of (New) Money Charisma – a word used to describe an allure that inspires devotion, its charm originally understood

Session 6: Impermanent Infrastructures

Impermanent Infrastructures: The Capricious Commerce of Digital Culture Despite international and national level investments in securing ‘digital heritage’,  the infrastructures to support creative practices, subcultures